Alternative Lodging Options

hotelBookingWhen you’re planning where you’d like to stay, what do you prefer?  Do you stick with nice hotels or are you someone who’s willing to try alternative means like Airbnb?  In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Airbnb has been around for eight years and has become a popular alternative to the traditional hotel stay.  People can list their home or a room in their home for rent, eschewing the traditional hotel room.

Those who have tried Airbnb appear to be quite fond of it per a recent survey that polled over 1,500 consumers.  Nearly eighty percent of customers who had yet to try Airbnb or other websites that focus on what’s called “peer to peer lodging” said they prefer a traditional hotel, but that number decreased dramatically to forty percent among those who had, in fact, tried one of these alternative lodging websites.

Airbnb is only one of the various peer to peer lodging sites.  The survey showed that people are also familiar with names like vacation rental marketplaces HomeAway and FlipKey that offer similar services, and just over ten percent have used them.

While sites like Airbnb may be a great alternative, there is also something to be said for the increased safety and all-around experience provided by a hotel, especially one that’s been recently renovated and is packing a host of amenities.  It’s always good to know that options are always increasing when you’re preparing for a much-needed vacation.

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