Book Your Luxury Hotel Stay by the Minute

hotelStayA luxury hotel is not something one would book by the hour, especially if it’s last minute. With the ongoing strides towards making hotels more technology savvy and allowing guests additional options, a new app is looking to rewrite the rules.

Launched last year, Recharge is a free app that allows its users to book high-end hotels the same day and by the minute. The way it works is simple. The user searches for the hotel closest to them and hits the button to “book now”. The app will start billing the user upon check-in or thirty minutes after hitting the button if they have yet to check in. The user is then free to spend as much time as they want or need in the room until they’re ready to hit the “check out” button and leave. The user is then billed for the exact number of minutes they spent in the room plus any applicable lodging tax, which varies based on the state.

If you want to re-energize with a quick power nap, paying about $30 with Recharge versus $400+ for an entire night makes a lot of sense. The unique approach is also great not only for napping but also for business travelers or even new moms looking for a private place to nurse. Hotels also win thanks to better occupancy levels.

Recharge launched in San Francisco and recently expanded into New York and the northern area of California. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

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