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Booking a Hotel in Cuba Just Became Easier

cubanMissileEver since Cuba travel restrictions were significantly relaxed, many people have begun to book trips to discover what the Caribbean island nation is all about. Unfortunately, traveling to Cuba is still a bit of a cumbersome task, but a major travel website is looking to make things a little easier for those wishing to visit.

Expedia recently announced it will begin offering online booking for hotels in Cuban, seizing upon the influx of interest. Expedia joins several domestic airlines and cruise companies that have also launched efforts to break into the lucrative Cuban market. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and among the top twenty largest islands in the world.

Last year, the number of visitors to Cuba increased by more than ten percent, reaching a new record of four million. Over seventy percent of travelers to the island were from the United States and there are indications that the numbers will continue to skyrocket.

Current laws in the United States still forbid visiting Cuba for the purpose of general tourism, but thanks to former President Barack Obama it’s become easier. Americans can visit the island for educational, cultural or other authorized purposes.

Now that Expedia will begin offering hotel booking in Cuba, do you feel more inclined to visit?

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