Facebook Debuts City Guides

heyFacebookWhether or not you use Facebook, you probably have some degree of familiarity with just how popular and massive its user base is, over a billion active users in fact. With many people using it on a daily basis, it’s ripe for businesses to reach out to clients, and hotels are among the latest to benefit from it.

If you frequently use the Facebook app, you may have noticed a new change pop up. The company quietly added a hotel booking feature called City Guides that allows users to easily browse through hotels as well as local attractions, eateries, and tours. As users browse these guides, they may notice buttons that allow them to directly message or call the business or they can book their stay/reservation directly through the app.

Depending on how long you’ve used the Facebook app, you may have already noticed features similar to this, such as the direct Uber booking. City Guides is the latest addition and seemingly aims to compete with Google’s Trips app. Unlike with Google, Facebook’s gargantuan data allows it a more social aspect and arguably an advantage with its massive number of users. Users can view additional information on places that their friends and family have visited before including reviews, pictures, and more.

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