Finding a Good Rate for Your Next Stay

hotelSearchA good chunk of your travel budget could be used up just by the hotel you choose to stay in. Thanks to the Internet, it’s tremendously easier to find a good deal, but there are additional steps you can take to potentially snag yourself an even better deal.

Streamline your research. Popular websites like Expedia or Priceline are a great way to get an idea of what hotels are in the area you’ll be staying in but don’t expect them to be your one stop source. Check out if there are any promotions going on and what extra perks are offered, such as complimentary parking. Don’t forget that many hotels offer better rates if you book directly through their website.

Unleash your negotiation skills. Once you have a solid foundation of where you’d like to stay, it’s time to make some phone calls. Talk to someone from the hotel and let them know that you found a certain price at another site and whether the hotel is willing to beat it. About eighty percent of the time, a little bargaining results in a much better rate.

Keep an eye on last minute deals. Have you ever used HotelTonight? The app is intended to find hotel deals the same night or a week in advance. It’s currently limited to six cities, but One Night is another option. Priceline also offers a daily “tonight only” deal, beginning at 11 am.

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