From Days Inn to Candlewood Suites

candlewoodSuitesOver in Virginia’s Henrico County, a longtime hotel has been resurrected under new ownership after falling under foreclosure.  The six-story building once known as Days Inn located at 2100 Dickens Road has since been renamed, reopened and renovated as the Candlewood Suites.  With $7 million worth of upgrades, improvements, changes, and fixes, owners and siblings Mayur and Keyur Patel are ready to make this fifth Candlewood Suites location an in demand hotel once again, highlighting that a lot more upgrades have gone into this particular hotel than typical Candlewood hotels.

Back when it was still the Days Inn, the hotel had 179 rooms but that number has since been reduced to 98 rooms to make existing suites larger and more spacious.  Additional renovations include new plumbing and electrical fixtures plus new furniture.  According to the owners nothing of the former Days Inn remains in the building.

This new Candlewood Suites hotel is being positioned as a mid-tier hotel priced location, designed to better compete with the existing competition.  The Patels say this building particularly fills a hole for long term mid-tier priced hotels.  Mayur and Keyur Patel are part of a family with several decades of experience in the hospitality business.

The other four Candlewood Suites hotels are currently found in Short Pump, Richmond International Airport, between Ashland and Richmond, and the Southside.

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