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Great Maui Experiences

Sep 26,2017 / Work

For just about anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing vacation, Hawaii remains a perennial favorite. The state relies heavily on …

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Disruptive Services Force Creatively Modern Hotel Solutions

Sep 18,2017 / Work

With the rise of disruptive services like Airbnb, the world’s largest hotel brands are finding themselves having to keep up …

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What Guest Most Appreciate about Hotels

Jun 22,2017 / Work

Attracting more guests to stay at your hotel or increasing a higher retention rate with them can increase profits for …

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Best Luxury Hotels in Argentina

Jun 21,2017 / Work

Argentina has long been known for its passion for futbol, or “soccer” as Americans call it, having produced well known …

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Shrinking Hotel Rooms Lead to Larger Lobbies

Jun 14,2017 / Work

In the past, the common areas of hotels served more as elegantly adorned places where guests simply passed through. As …

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The Friendliest Hotels in Switzerland

Jun 7,2017 / Work

Switzerland is recognized as being one of the happiest places to live in the world, with a strong quality of …

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