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Romantic Hotel Getaways

Feb 8,2017 / Work

With love and affection in the air with the arrival of February, it’s a perfect month for a romantic getaway …

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Hotel Room Keycards and Hackers

Feb 1,2017 / Work

You may have heard about a rather alarming news story that’s been circulating involving a four-star hotel in Austria having …

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Find out More About Hotel Amenities with Google Maps

Jan 27,2017 / Work

For most people that use electronic devices to book their hotel stay, the search tends to begin on a popular …

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Would You Book a Hotel Without Knowing Its Name?

Jan 18,2017 / Travel

It takes a great deal of courage to pack your bags and travel to an unknown location, especially if that …

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More Technology, Less Extras in Today’s Hotels

Jan 11,2017 / Work

For those that frequently travel, there is some good news to report. A greater number of hotels are throwing in …

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More Hotel Brands Aim to Add Fitness Programs

Dec 28,2016 / Work

With the New Year soon to arrive, many people will be making resolutions and one of the most common is …

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