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Is Smartphone Keyless Entry the Future?

Dec 21,2016 / Work

In the past, hotels used keys for their rooms. Nowadays, it’s common to receive a plastic card as your room …

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Hotels Seek to Adopt Geolocation

Dec 14,2016 / Work

If you have a modern smartphone, you’ve probably passed by or walked into a store only to have your smartphone …

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Say Goodbye to the Customary Hotel Bible

Dec 8,2016 / Work

For decades, if not centuries, it’s been typical to see the Bible tucked away inside one of the drawers of …

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Get into the Holiday Mood at These Hotels

Nov 30,2016 / Work

Are you still not quite feeling the holiday spirit? If you’re planning on doing any traveling, several hotels around the …

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The Ritz-Carlton Announces First Hotel in New Zealand

Nov 10,2016 / Uncategorized

The Ritz-Carlton is a symbolic hotel that is well-known throughout the world. With over 91 hotels worldwide in 30 countries, …

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Wellness Hotels: Relax Your Body and Mind

Nov 4,2016 / Design, Inspiration

  Hotels are known for being a beacon of comfort and hospitality. By enjoying the best spas, saunas, and more …

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