Historic Claremont Receives Major Changes

claremontClub-1On the border of the Oakland and Berkeley hills is the historic Claremont Hotel, which now goes by the name of Claremont Club & Spa.  Opening in 1915, the building is unusual in that the main hotel is located in Oakland, but other features like the spa, parking lot, and the gardens are part of the Berkeley city limits.  The Claremont Hotel features a total of 276 guest rooms, a spa spanning over 15,000 square feet, more than twenty acres of landscaped gardens, and a total of ten courts for tennis players.

Recently, the Claremont underwent an extensive renovation that saw each of its suites and guest rooms undergo renovations and improvements.  The dining areas also received significant upgrades with the addition of a new restaurant by San Francisco chef Dominique Crenn and there is also a new presidential suite option available to guests.  The bar area and the Claremont lobby also saw much-needed renovations and improvements.

The Claremont Club & Spa’s renovation project comes around the same time as the hotel celebrates its 100th anniversary and the hospitality scene is seeing significant boosts.  According to the firm of KNA Design that oversaw the lobby, lounge, bar, and restaurant design, the new changes make the Claremont Club & Spa, “elegant” and “smart”.  The Claremont’s address is 41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley, California 94705.

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