Hotel Amenities for Pets

petFriendlyFor pet owners, going on vacation often means having to make the difficult decision of taking the four-legged members of the family along or making other arrangements. Hotels are increasingly recognizing the potential to increase occupancy by being pet-friendly, and some of them are taking major steps to provide unique amenities.

Loews Hotels and Resorts has a Loews Loves Pets program. Upon arrival, pets receive a bakery made treat. When it’s time to order room service, humans eat along with their pet by choosing from a dog or cat-friendly gourmet menu. A hotel in Denver provides bacon-flavored water, another one in San Diego has a “Yappy Hour” on Sundays, while a Manhattan-based hotel provides chef prepared pet-friendly meals.

It’s not all about food. A Vermont-based resort will pamper your pooch with “Rover Reiki” or a massage and there are plans to also open a pet-friendly tennis court this summer. In Miami Beach, a hotel offers “Pamper with Pooch” spa treatments where owners and their pets receive side-by-side massages in an outdoor cabana near the ocean.

Would you feel more inclined to stay at a hotel or resort and travel more often if it provided pet-friendly amenities? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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