Hotel Room Keycards and Hackers

hotelKeycardsYou may have heard about a rather alarming news story that’s been circulating involving a four-star hotel in Austria having its electronic key system hijacked. Guests were allegedly locked in their hotel rooms by hackers until a ransom was paid. Because of the hack, the hotel managers decided to go back to basics and switched to the old-fashioned key system.

While the story is certainly alarming, it’s not entirely accurate.

Like many of the things you read on the Internet, a grain of salt is necessary. While the hotel did have its electronic key system hacked, the attack only meant that guests checking in that day were unable to receive keycards because they could not be programmed. In other words, the keycards and the computers that programmed them were affected. There was never a moment when guests were locked in their rooms because the doors remain unaffected.

In most cases, hotels already have a failsafe in place should a situation arise where guests are unable to get in and out of their hotel rooms. The fact that the hotel was hacked is certainly alarming, but you don’t necessarily need to worry that someone will be able to lock you in a room remotely.

Remember to always do your research and check multiple sources.

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