Hotels Want to Make You More Intelligent

brainPowerWhen staying at a hotel, the idea is generally to enjoy the comfort and privacy of a relaxing place to stay. Not many people would think of hotels as a place to enrich the mind, yet some hotels are doing just that.

For example, one hotel in London actually has an in-house neuroscientist available. As part of the hotel’s “Brain Power” package, guests will receive personalized spa treatments, food, amenities, and cocktails that are all geared towards improving brain function. This package addresses essential areas that help to keep the brain in tip-top shape including nutrition, sleep, and hydration.

The Marriott has joined forces with TED to create videos exclusively available to guests of the Marriott’s various brands. Working with speakers, the in-room entertainment system provides various blogs, video, and playlists guests can check out. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a media organization which regularly distributes free talks online under its slogan “ideas worth spreading”.

Over in Vienna, Austria, the Hotel Schani Wien is a “co-working” hotel focused on productivity and efficiency. The hotel strongly encourages working with and getting to know locals and fellow travelers while also embracing Austria’s rich history. In fact, guests can optionally create online profiles as a way to introduce themselves.

Have you come across any “brainy” hotels during your travels? Let us know in the comments.

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