How Hotels Are Upgrading Their Wi-Fi

hotelWifiMost of us have become extremely dependent on Wi-Fi, especially with cell phone carriers placing limits on data usage.  Most places offer Wi-Fi, but it’s still a mixed bag of sorts when it comes to hotels.  Many of these places have outdated technology that is not designed to handle the increasing demands of devices that require heavy amounts of data.  With most people carrying at least two Wi-Fi capable devices, hoteliers are taking steps to meet the demand, albeit with varying results.

Hyatt Hotels had pledged to bring complimentary Wi-Fi access to its more than 500 hotels by February of this year.  It appears to be sticking to its promise, but in several locations this free tier provides questionable speeds.  Hyatt guests who need something faster will have to pay for a “premium Wi-Fi service”.

After some legal issues due to blocking personal Wi-Fi hotspots as a means of forcing guests to pay for the hotel’s Wi-Fi, the Marriott was forced to allow these devices to work in their hotel rooms once again.  As a consolation, the hotelier has pledged to offer Netflix within its hotels by 2016.

Other hoteliers are reinventing hotel Wi-Fi completely.  The South Congress Hotel in Austin, Texas offers a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot in each of its 83 rooms capable of speeds of 500mbps.  What’s more, additional perks such as a Google Chromecast and Apple TV are also provided.  The company says its Wi-Fi speeds outperform the entire bandwidth capacity of most hotels.

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