It’s Like Summer Camp All over Again at These Hotels

summerCampDid your parents ever send you to summer camp? If so, you may have fond memories of all the highs and lows that came with it. Campfires, singing songs, swimming, dealing with mosquitoes. Sometimes there is nothing quite like reliving those innocent days, and some hotels are already doing their part to try and emulate some of those experiences.

The Lodge at Sea Island provides a summer camp experience along with a tinge of history. The lodge itself looks like a hunting lodge and there are plenty of activities to enjoy. There is a screened-in recreational area complete with brick flooring, a fireplace burning wood, and plenty of picnic tables. If that doesn’t satisfy you, the Water Sports Center includes paddleboards, kayaks, and sailboats. Head outside when the night arrives and relax by the fire pit. Once it’s bedtime, a butler will bring you a good old-fashioned plate of milk and cookies to end the night.

For those seeking an escape, upstate New York’s Catskills are perfect for becoming one with nature. In the Catskills, you’ll find The Graham & Co., a property located near the town of Phoenicia. Enjoy tubing and hiking, borrow a bike, relax on bean bags, it truly is an escape.

Adventure Suites in North Conway has over fifteen suites each boasting a unique theme, including a log cabin complete with log furniture. A massive lawn and patio are home to a stone fireplace and it’s not unusual for guests to prepare s’mores during the summer.

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