Lifestyle Hotels Are on the Rise










In the past, you would go to the hotel gym. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to go to the gym hotel. Confused? It’s not as strange as it may sound. The popular Equinox gym will soon be unveiling its own hotel of sorts in New York and it’s not the only major name opening what’s called a “lifestyle hotel”. Retail store West Elm also has plans in the works to unveil its own hotel within the South and Midwest areas of the country in 2018.

These new branded hotels aim to appeal to core customers that are already familiar with the brand in question. The familiarity means the hotel already has a potential customer base and solid following without having to start from scratch.

Before Equinox decided to launch a namesake hotel, the company ran the idea by its customers and determined that over ninety percent of them would be interested in staying at a branded hotel. The first of these will be a 72-story mixed use building opening in New York’s Hudson Yards. Besides Equinox fans, Equinox is also looking to attract affluent guests.

What do you think of these branded lifestyle hotels? Would you choose a stay at one of these hotels over a traditional hotel brand such as Marriott?

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