Miami Beach Convention Center to Receive Its Own Hotel

mbConventionCenterThe Miami Beach Convention Center is among the most popular venues for various shows that draw hundreds of thousands of people.  With parking being as relatively scarce as it is, events typically draw daytrippers which in turn cause increased amounts of traffic once these individuals have decided they’ve experienced as much as they’d like to and choose to return home.  As a means of ameliorating this problem, a company is spearheading the upcoming renovation of the convention center with the purpose of opening a hotel.  The man overseeing this project is Jack Portman, Vice Chairman of Portman Holdings.

Mister Portman says that opening a Miami Beach Convention Center hotel will attract other types of events such as trade shows and seminars.  Because these events often take place over several days, the presence of a hotel will reduce the odds of traffic and appeal to these organizers seeking a suitable venue.

Another goal of the hotel project is to draw more shoppers to Miami Beach’s fashionable Lincoln Road.  This will be achieved by making space around the Miami Beach Convention Center more walkable, therefore encouraging hotel guests to shop at Lincoln Road.  Guests who stay overnight may also be more likely to visit retailers in South Beach.

Perhaps the biggest benefit will come to other local Miami Beach hotels.  The convention center is expected to have 800 hotel rooms, but since many of these events can attract thousands, local hotels should also see an increase in business.

Miami Beach commissioners have already given the go-ahead on the convention center lease. Upon its completion, it’s expected to have 701 rooms, 99 suites, and other features such as a pool deck plus a sky bridge connecting the hotel to the Miami Beach Convention Center.

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