Millennials Want Fitness-Minded Hotel Amenities

hotelFitnessWhen choosing a hotel to stay at, how much emphasis do you place on its fitness facilities? If you happen to know a millennial or be one, it may be more important than you think. According to a survey released last year, close to half of millennials said that a fitness facility with classes available for use on or off-site is essential when determining their choice of hotel. This is in stark contrast to baby boomers and people falling under the category of Generation X.

In response to millennials, hotels have been making changes to address these demands. Over eighty percent of hotels upped their amenities with a fitness facility last year, an increase of more than sixty percent when compared to 2004. Some chains are taking things a step further by not only offering fitness facilities but also amenities centered around health and wellness. These amenities include a workout clothing laundry service, on-site personal trainers, and much more.

If you’re a millennial, how important is it for the hotel you choose to stay at to have fitness-minded amenities and features? Let us know in the comments!

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