Nautilus South Beach Reopens This Week

nautilusHotelThe Nautilus neighborhood of Miami Beach is within the Mid-Beach area and also the home of the classic Nautilus South Beach.  This classic Miami Beach mainstay has been around since the 1950s and was designed by acclaimed architect Morris Lapidus.  As one of the oldest hotels in the barrier island, it was time to bring the classic 250 room hotel up to speed with some of today’s modern features.

After spending over two years undergoing renovations, a change in management, and detailed restorations, the all-new Nautilus South Beach will be opening for business once again this Thursday, October 15th.  The hotel owner says all the new improvements should bring the Nautilus back to the grandeur it experienced back in the 1950s, albeit with plenty of modern conveniences.

Some of the new features found in the Nautilus South Beach include the Nautilus Cabana Club, serving various food items and beverages, a new pool bar by Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, a bar and lounge in the lobby, and a private dining room called the Driftwood Room capable of accommodating up to twelve guests.

Guests who may be interested in staying at the new and improved Nautilus will be able to choose from 285 square foot rooms or they can upgrade to one of the larger suites boasting a maximum of 685 square feet.  There is also a gorgeous penthouse with 1,500 square feet and a pair of bedrooms.

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