New Changes in Store for the Former Penn Stroud Hotel

pennStroudHotelOver in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, there is a historic hotel in the downtown area that once went by the name of the Penn Stroud Hotel but is now better known as Pocono Inne Town Hotel.  Built way back in the 1800s, the building has a total of 88 rooms and encompasses just over 74,000 square feet.  Back in February, the building was purchased by Bhavi Corporation, with plans to give the hotel a renovation overhaul worth $3 million to return the building to its original splendor.  The building will also be returning to its original Penn Stroud Hotel name after having been changed several times when it was owned by brands like Best Western and Hilton.

The plans to renovate the Penn Stroud Hotel’s facade will not go into effect until January, pending approval by the Historic Review Board.  There are also interior renovation plans that will focus on all of the important spaces including the hallways to the rooms and lobbies.  All of these changes are meant to reinforce and return the building to its historic status, maintaining the contemporary features but getting rid of some of the exterior modernism, therefore fitting in better with the community.

The Penn Stroud Hotel’s renovations are also being positioned as an opportunity to create more jobs.  About twelve jobs are expected to be maintained and there will be fourteen additional ones created in an effort to make the hotel busier.

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