Saving Energy During Your Stay

360359015When you’re staying at a hotel, do you go out of your way to be more environmentally conscious? For example, do you turn off the lights in your room each time you step out? Do you reuse towels or do you request fresh ones each day?

Over here in the United States more hotels have taken measures to become more environmentally conscious, but they pale in comparison to some of the more ambitious efforts undertaken by hotels across the globe. A Rome-based hotel requires its guests to use their keycards to turn the lights on or the temperature control system.

The attitudes may be changing here in the United States regarding energy saving efforts in hotels. Per a survey released back in 2014, nearly 30 percent of hotels had sensors designed to manage temperature compared to the mere 20 percent just ten years earlier. More than 70 percent had switched to using the more energy efficient LED lighting.

Energy costs typically account for up to 6 percent of a hotel’s operating expenses, with the largest users of energy being perhaps unsurprisingly the heating and air-conditioning. To help cut down on costs, many modern hotel rooms can now detect when a room is currently occupied and will allow the guest to manually manage the temperature until it automatically switches to an energy saving mode once the guest is out of the room.

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