Shrinking Hotel Rooms Lead to Larger Lobbies

hotelLobbyIn the past, the common areas of hotels served more as elegantly adorned places where guests simply passed through. As hotels change their image to appeal to young travelers seeking social experiences, these common areas are transforming into social hubs designed to foster a sense of community. To encourage this change, major chains such as Marriott are getting rid of the customary room service and in-room amenities in favor of gorgeous lobbies designed to appeal to today’s social media savvy travelers.

Take for example a hotel that recently opened in Manhattan, New York. The grand opening included a performance by singer-songwriter Patti Smith and allows its guests several “socially minded” options. From the rooftop terrace to the trio of bars and lobby hangout, there are plenty of places to mingle. Inste

ad of room service, guests can choose from a pair of restaurants.

The transition towards a more social experience does come with some trade-offs. For starters, amenities in the room are being stripped down to the essentials, while rooms are getting smaller in terms of square footage. If you’re the type that prefers their space and privacy, you might want to do your research to ensure your hotel isn’t undergoing a “social traveler metamorphosis”.

Would you be more inclined to stay at a socially skewed hotel?

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