Staying at a Highly Rated Hotel

5starHotelWhen evaluating hotels it’s common to differentiate them based on the number of stars they are given, five star hotels being considered the “cream of the crop”.  Other websites like TripAdvisor tweak this format slightly by using a bullseye, but the idea remains the same.

Star ratings are however just a way to generalize a hotel.  A room at a four star hotel doesn’t mean necessarily mean the quality it provides is indeed four stars.  With the exception of a brand new hotel that’s within its first two years of service and everything is near perfect, noticeable differences can begin to emerge due to inevitable wear and tear.

It’s not all that unusual to book a room at a four star hotel only to find that there may be small flaws like chipped furniture, carpeting that’s been worn, or other defects that don’t really qualify as four star.  Hotel operators obviously want their guest to enjoy their stay to the maximum, which is why it’s so important to consider renovations and remodeling to ensure that rooms remain top quality.  These changes often include new décor and furniture, technology upgrades, and more.

It’s worth noting that we are focusing specifically on hotel rooms, not the hotel as a whole.  Have you ever stayed at a four or five star hotel only to be disappointed with the room and if so, what were your thoughts?  Has the hotel since been renovated?

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