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How to Maximize Hotel Profits

profit increaseHotels and restaurants are always looking for ways to maximize their profits, but it can be hard to sift through all the various idea and tips that are available.  If done correctly renovating the hotel or restaurant is a great way to increase profits.  If a hotel owner decides to undergo a renovation project, there are some things to keep in mind.

Update the HVAC System – The hot climate of South Florida means establishments must make sure the HVAC system in their business works properly.  More than 50% of a hotel’s operation budget goes towards air conditioning and heat.  So speak with the project manager to ensure that the hotel is equipped with a highly efficient HVVAC System, which will use less energy and fewer kilowatts, thus helping the hotel save in energy costs.

Do Something Different – With the many hotels in close proximity to each other, it can be hard to gain a competitive edge.  That is where hotel owner’s need to think outside the box.  Something as simple as an updated dining room that offers free Continental breakfast with more options, or updating the guest rooms to accommodate pets, are great options for keeping costs down while not allowing your guests to sacrifice by having to up the booking prices.

Comfort is a Must – When renovating a hotel it’s important for the owners and managers to remember the guest rooms.  No matter if, the guests are there for one day or for a month, the guest rooms should feel like a sort of home away from home.  Touch up the rooms with comfortable furniture, updated in-room amenities, and more closet spaces, changes guaranteed to astonish your guests..

Matrix Renovations is one of the leading companies in hotel renovations and hotel renovation solutions.  To learn more about our hotel renovation solutions and construction & installation services, contact us at +1-855-6-MATRIX.

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Best Rooftop Lounges and Restaurants in Miami Beach

Rooftop Lounges and Rooftop Restaurants in Miami BeachOne of the great things about Miami, aside from the wonderful entertainment and trendy décor, are the rooftop bars.  Hotels and restaurants, who have roof top bars, are a high commodity and guests and patrons love visiting them.  Matrix Renovations, a company dedicated to covering you in a wide array of areas, needs, and hotel renovations, brings to you some of the best rooftop bars in Miami Beach.

FIFTY Ultra Lounge

This hip lounge is perfect for professionals in the city.  Not only do they host happy hour Monday- Friday, but also on Saturday’s, there are various DJs, go-go dancers, and sometimes a fire tosser.  Located on the 40th floor of the Viceroy Hotel, this ultra-lavish lounge continues the tradition of high class.  Recently, the lounge received a $100,000 makeover, receiving new grass flooring by the pool, cabanas turned into VIP lounges, and window lined walls overlooking the breathtaking area of Brickell.

Above Mayfair Pool Lounge

This gorgeous Gaudi-inspired roof top lounge is great for relaxing the day away.  The establishment contains a teakwood bar, and gorgeous refreshing pool.  On Sunday’s they have an event called “Over Miami Party,” and features drink and food specials along with some of the best DJ’s around.

Touché Rooftop Lounge & Restaurant

This trendy restaurant and lounge specializes in Japanese and Italian fusion cousins.  Top Chef, Carla Pellegrino, is the chef of the establishment, so guests are bound to have a great time.  The eatery also has a retractable roof, making this a great location during rain or an impossibly sunny day.

Rooftop lounges are a great way for restaurants to offer their guests the luxury of resort-style living for half the price.  With the gorgeous views and awesome breezes, patrons are sure to have a good time.  Matrix renovations have built a variety of rooftop bars and other various extra amentias guests like.  To learn more about our hotel renovation solutions, contact us at +1-855-6-MATRIX.

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What to do After a Hotel Renovation

What to do After a Hotel Renovation

Hotel renovations can be quite pricey, that is why after a big or even small renovation project it is a great idea to take a few extra steps to maximize the results received.

Inform the Staff – After a renovation project is completed, it is essential to train all staff members on any new equipment, as well as, informing them of any new changes.  This will ensure that the guests at the hotel do not experience any delay in operations.

Tell Everyone About the New Renovations – When designing a marketing campaign to introduce the new hotel to the public it is important to remember to be creative.  For instance partnering with local merchants such as restaurants, gas stations, apartment complexes, cab companies, moving companies, and local gyms, is a great way to alert your new guests to the updated hotel and to get referral guests as well.

Reviews are Key – Once the renovations are complete, poll current guests and new guests regarding the different amenities and overall look of the hotel.  This will help attract new guests to the hotel, since reviews are one of the first things potential guests look at before deciding whether to book a room or not.

Matrix Renovations, a full-service hotel renovation company, is one of the leading companies in hotel renovations and hotel renovation solutions.  We have you covered in a wide array of areas and needs.  Whatever your vision, we can help make it happen.  To learn more about our hotel renovation solutions and construction & installation services, contact us at +1-855-6-MATRIX.

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The History of Hospitality

The History of HospitalityHospitality is the relationship a hotel (or host) has with their guests.  An important variable to figuring out whether your hotel is hospitable or not, is the usage rate, which is an important variable to consider as it the process which hotels use to maximize the number of guests that visit their establishment.  Some factors that can influence the hospitality variable of a hotel are, the location, facility upkeep, the amenities offered, and the direct day-to-day operations facilitated by the hotel’s employees like the front desk workers, servers, housekeepers, kitchen workers, bartenders, and management.

In regards to the hotel staff, it is important for hotel owners to understand that these are the individuals that your guests see on a day-to-day basis.  If the employees, authenticity, professionalism, and actual concern for the happiness and well-being of the hotel guests are brought into question by the customers of the hotel, then that hotel is definitely going to have a hard time gaining and keeping guests.  However, if the reception that the guests receive is a pleasant, considerate, high grade experience, than that will put the hotel at an obviously high competitive advantage.

The best way for a hotel to ensure that they are giving their guests the best experience possible is to evaluate where their hotel is at, either via guest surveys and/or guest and employee surveys, and if necessary renovate their space to ensure that they are always putting their best foot forward.

This information was brought to you by Matrix Renovations, a company dedicated to covering you in a wide array of areas, needs, and hotel renovations. Whatever your vision, we can help make it happen. To learn more about our hotel renovation solutions, contact us at +1-855-6-MATRIX.

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The Benefits of Flat Screen TVs

The Benefits of Flat Screen TVs

Hotel renovations are key to ensuring a hotel stays prosperous and pleasing to their guests.  One of the most important areas to renovate are the guest rooms.  This is where your guests will be staying and treating it as basically a home away from home, so it’s important to make sure the rooms are comfortable and convenient.  One of the ways of doing this is getting rid of the old analog TVs and replacing them with the spacious flat screen TVs.

Flat screen TVs aren’t only trendy and cool looking they can also serve other purposes.  For instance, with a flat screen TV you can save more space in the guest rooms for more amenities, like a mini business center directly in the room, or a mini lounge area, or even more closet space.  Whatever you decide to do with the extra space you have, your guests will always appreciate having more room.

Another advantage to switching to flat screen TVs is a better picture.  With even the basic cable packages switching to HD, most of the old analog TVs are not capable of supporting this new format thus giving your guests a bad viewing experience.  However, flat screen TVs are all compatible with HD, thereby ensuring no matter what cable package option you go with, your guests viewing experience will always be a pleasurable one.

Finally flat screen TVs are energy efficient.  By design flat screen TVs have a lower impact on the environment and will use less energy, which of course means you can save money on your electric bill, a good thing for any hotel, especially one undergoing renovations.

To learn more about our hotel renovation solutions and construction & installation processes, contact us at +1-855-6-MATRIX.

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Surefire Ways to Attract More Guests to Your Hotel

Surefire Ways to Attract More Guests to Your HotelRunning a hotel can be tough, even if it is located in the popular Miami Beach area. With dozens of different hotel options, building brand loyalty among guests and patrons can be very hard for even the most prestigious hotel. The best way to build brand loyalty is to understand why your current guests frequent your location and to evaluate each and every aspect of your hotel. Below are some other ideas and tips to bring more guests to your establishment and to create brand loyalty with your current guests.

Personalize your guest’s Hotel Experience

Everyone loves to feel special and your guests are no different. Personalizing each guest’s stay is a great way to make your guests feel valued, while establishing an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. Personalized touches can be very simple (like having a fresh cup of coffee hand delivered to your guests in the morning) or to the very intricate (like providing personal butlers to their more affluent guests), anything that makes your clients feel special will almost always guarantee a high level of loyalty.

Check in With Your Guests

The best way to build brand loyalty is to ask the individuals responsible for your brand becoming internationally and locally known. Throughout your guests stay check in with them to ensure that they are receiving the best possible service, and encourage them to share their experiences online. As always, remember to take care of any negative responses right away and implement programs to ensure that any issues your guests may have are corrected for the future.

Evaluate Where Your Guests will be Staying and Visiting

All good hotel owners and managers know that a great way to ensure their guests have a great time at their hotel is to become a guest themselves. Staying at your own hotel is a great way to see what your guests see and a wonderful way to ensure that if/when you do decide to renovate or revamp your hotel, you won’t miss out on anything. Also daily inspections of guest rooms is a great way to catch any problems before your guests do.

Hotel Loyalty Programs

Hotel Loyalty Programs are designed to do just that, build loyalty between hotel guests and the hotels they frequent. Consider a loyalty program that works both for your establishment and your guests, something as small as a free night in your hotel with a certain amount of visits, goes a long way in ensuring that your guests come back to your hotel for every trip that they may need to take to your area.

Renovate the Building

While renovating your hotel can seem quite costly, if done correctly, you could end up making your money back quickly through new and old reservations. There are also many cost effective ways for you to ensure that every guest room is comfortable and inviting and that the rest of your hotel is something to be proud of. The best way to achieve this is to contact a hotel and hospitality renovation company that has lots of experience in the industry, for instance a company like Matrix Renovations is one of the leading full service hotel renovations and hospitality renovations companies in Miami, Florida. This company covers hotels in a wide array of areas and needs. Whatever your vision, they can help make it happen.

To learn more about our hotel renovation solutions, contact us at +1-855-6-MATRIX or info@matrixrenovations.com.

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Welcome to Our New and Improved Website!

matrix 11.52.54 PMNotice anything different? The industry leader in top-notch Hotel Renovations has just done a little renovating for ourselves: Matrix Renovations is proud to offer a totally overhauled website to better suit the needs and interests of our clients! We hope you what we’ve done with the place!

First and foremost, our new site displays a sleeker and more eye-pleasing design, which makes it both attractive and more easily navigable. Above our beautiful banner of high-definition photos of Miami Beach hotels is a menu that directs users you to sections covering services, project listings, company information, and other details of interest.

Our website renovation reflects the same principles we apply to every project we undertake: balancing aesthetics and functionality to better serve clients. We know that a growing number of our customers use the Internet to find the vital Hotel Renovation Solutions they seek, so we figured that a well-organized site backed by powerful services would make for a great tool for learning more about what we have to offer.

Based in Miami Beach, a leading major hospitality market, Matrix Renovations hasn’t changed what counts most: our cutting-edge services. We can undertake a wide variety of projects that benefit hospitality venues of all sizes and types. This includes lobbies, guest rooms, bathrooms, cafes, spas, business centers, and more.

Our highly trained and experienced personnel specialize in cleaning, equipment rentals, finishes, furniture, plumbing, custom millwork, fixture installation, painting, exterior waterproofing, window treatment, and just about anything else you will ever need.

Aside from our own in-house professionals, Matrix Renovations utilizes experienced project managers to sub-contract any services that it cannot provide, reflecting its commitment to providing solutions however possible.

As our website’s portfolio proud shows, we have worked for such major hotel brands nationwide as Hilton, Embassy Suites, Hyatt, and Marriott.

If you want to learn, keep exploring our new and improved website or call 1-855-6-MATRIX.

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