Traditional Hotel Stays Are Still Popular

hotelstayEver since its emergence, hotels have been wary of Airbnb, the popular homestay network that allows people to rent a residential property for a short or long term basis. Despite their concerns that the company would hurt the industry, it seems some of those concerns may be unfounded.

A research firm compared hotel data and that of Airbnb among several domestic and international markets, using some of the largest names in hotels like Hilton. Despite the findings that Airbnb does provide a greater number of available listings worldwide, these listings are not becoming replacements for a hotel stay.

Travelers that opt for Airbnb are seeking an entirely different experience than that of a hotel, one that involves becoming acquainted with the hosts, immersing themselves in the culture, or it may just be that they simply cannot afford to stay in a traditional hotel room. Airbnb also provides a greater degree of variety in terms of places to stay such as shared spaces or even tents. Despite this, the data shows that hotel occupancy was/is significantly higher than that of Airbnb in the majority of markets.

In other words, while Airbnb may be grabbing the attention of a small portion of hotel guests seeking a unique experience, the portion isn’t significant enough that it would trounce the traditional lodging experiences we’re accustomed to.

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