Understanding Guest Satisfaction

guestSatisfactionIt’s typical that most hotels gather data such as guest satisfaction surveys and information from review sites.  But what does this data mean?  It is generally understood that unhappy guests are the most vocal about their negative experience, but this does not necessarily mean the whole experience was bad.  Within negative comments, it can be useful to take a closer look, as there are often a few compliments to the business hidden within the negativity.

When a guest makes compliments to the business in a “negative review”, it proves significance to the “positive” data.  It shows that the compliment is authentic, and the guest really did enjoy aspects of their stay.  Yet, most importantly, the hotel must notice what negative aspects overshadowed this positive experience.

The key is to understand why your data reflects the results that it does.  That is how one turns their data into smart data.

So, the question becomes, what to do with this data?  First, reply to the comment.  Address the guest’s concerns and reconcile the problems.  This shows possible future guest that the hotel is active and the problem is being fixed.  If a possible hotel guest sees a bunch of unanswered negative comments, then they will assume they are true and consistent to this day.

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