Watch out for Those Resort Fees

resortFeeAirlines receive a lot of criticism for the multiple fees they charge customers, but they’re hardly alone when it comes to extra travel fees. When staying a hotel, you’ve probably noticed extra fees being charged for things like parking, a “resort fee”, and even Internet in some cases. Unfortunately, these fees don’t seem to be going anywhere.

In cities like Scottsdale and Phoenix that maintain a strong vacation appeal, several resorts have actually increased their resort fee. A resort fee is a mandatory charge separate from the room rate that’s still relatively new in the industry, Instead of nickel-and-diming guests for separate charges to use services like the Wi-Fi, the resort fee covers most of these things.

While resort fees provide travelers a good deal according to hotels, in some cases these perks are including amenities that guests have come to expect as standard, like the pool. For example, a new Scottsdale resort charges a $39 resort fee that includes the use of amenities like fire pits, golf concierge, and pool activities.

Trying to find exactly what these resort fees cover on the hotel website is sometimes easier said than done, often requiring a phone call. Be sure to take some time to figure these out before booking your stay to avoid any unwanted surprises.

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