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matrix 11.52.54 PMNotice anything different? The industry leader in top-notch Hotel Renovations has just done a little renovating for ourselves: Matrix Renovations is proud to offer a totally overhauled website to better suit the needs and interests of our clients! We hope you what we’ve done with the place!

First and foremost, our new site displays a sleeker and more eye-pleasing design, which makes it both attractive and more easily navigable. Above our beautiful banner of high-definition photos of Miami Beach hotels is a menu that directs users you to sections covering services, project listings, company information, and other details of interest.

Our website renovation reflects the same principles we apply to every project we undertake: balancing aesthetics and functionality to better serve clients. We know that a growing number of our customers use the Internet to find the vital Hotel Renovation Solutions they seek, so we figured that a well-organized site backed by powerful services would make for a great tool for learning more about what we have to offer.

Based in Miami Beach, a leading major hospitality market, Matrix Renovations hasn’t changed what counts most: our cutting-edge services. We can undertake a wide variety of projects that benefit hospitality venues of all sizes and types. This includes lobbies, guest rooms, bathrooms, cafes, spas, business centers, and more.

Our highly trained and experienced personnel specialize in cleaning, equipment rentals, finishes, furniture, plumbing, custom millwork, fixture installation, painting, exterior waterproofing, window treatment, and just about anything else you will ever need.

Aside from our own in-house professionals, Matrix Renovations utilizes experienced project managers to sub-contract any services that it cannot provide, reflecting its commitment to providing solutions however possible.

As our website’s portfolio proud shows, we have worked for such major hotel brands nationwide as Hilton, Embassy Suites, Hyatt, and Marriott.

If you want to learn, keep exploring our new and improved website or call 1-855-6-MATRIX.

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January 7, 2015

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