What Guest Most Appreciate about Hotels

hyatt-jakarta-1229815Attracting more guests to stay at your hotel or increasing a higher retention rate with them can increase profits for your hotel business dramatically. To put it simple, give the guests what they want. By providing these desires hotel businesses will retain and attract more guests. Whether the guest is staying at your hotel on business or on vacation, it is important to make sure the guests stay is as memorable as possible. Here are a couple of things guests will appreciate that can leave a lasting impression for your brand.

  1. Fast and Free WiFi Access
    For a variety of reasons many hotel guests appreciate fast and free WiFi access. On business trips guests may have to finish up work and would appreciate if their work is not interrupted by incompetent internet speed. This type of inconvenience can truly irritate a person and to seek out other competitors who want have this problem. Guests also want to be able to enjoy different leisures while away from home, speaking with family via FaceTime, watching a movie on the laptop, or simply using internet to check social media accounts. All of these activities most likely will require WiFi and if the person is already paying the price that you have set to stay at your hotel it is very customer satisfaction oriented to provide free WiFi. Often times hotels charge separate billing for internet which guests might not pay for and possibly not enjoy their stay entirely which can leave little to no opportunity for retention.

  2. A comfortable bed
    One of the most important factors to retain guests for your hotel business is to make sure the guests have good nights rest and have them feel great waking up in the morning. A soft mattress, clean and quality sheets and covers, along with soft pillows usually do the trick. Hotels must invest in high quality products to ensure the proper nights sleep for guests.

  1. Complimentary bottles of water
    According to research most seasoned travelers prefer not to drink from glasses from their rooms. Hydration is extremely important for business travelers. No one can survive a busy business day without constantly hydrating.

  1. Loyalty Programs
    Being able to show your guests that you appreciate them coming to stay at your hotel by offering them loyalty programs goes beyond the norm. Simple things like expedited check-in, complimentary upgrades, and updates that include special offers to a limited group can go a long way towards showing guests that you want to continue getting their business.

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