What to do After a Hotel Renovation

What to do After a Hotel Renovation

Hotel renovations can be quite pricey, that is why after a big or even small renovation project it is a great idea to take a few extra steps to maximize the results received.

Inform the Staff – After a renovation project is completed, it is essential to train all staff members on any new equipment, as well as, informing them of any new changes.  This will ensure that the guests at the hotel do not experience any delay in operations.

Tell Everyone About the New Renovations – When designing a marketing campaign to introduce the new hotel to the public it is important to remember to be creative.  For instance partnering with local merchants such as restaurants, gas stations, apartment complexes, cab companies, moving companies, and local gyms, is a great way to alert your new guests to the updated hotel and to get referral guests as well.

Reviews are Key – Once the renovations are complete, poll current guests and new guests regarding the different amenities and overall look of the hotel.  This will help attract new guests to the hotel, since reviews are one of the first things potential guests look at before deciding whether to book a room or not.

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