Would You Go Without Housekeeping?

housekeepingA greater number of hotels are going the extra mile to become more environmentally friendly. Smart air conditioners, low flow showerheads, these are just two examples of eco-friendly hotel initiatives. Research shows more than sixty percent of world travelers have an interest in “green friendly” accommodations, yet these programs are still very low on the totem pole in importance. Perhaps unsurprisingly, travelers are more concerned with getting a great deal.

With that in mind, hotels are spearheading new ideas centered around offering guests perks and incentives for thinking about the environment. For example, several hotels operated by Provenance Hotels have what’s called a “Green for Green” program. This program encourages guests staying multiple nights to forego housekeeping services. In exchange, they’ll receive a credit that can be used towards a drink, beverage, or hotel food.

Several other hotels also have similar incentives. A Lake Placid-based hotel allows guests the option of having the $5 donated to an organization centered around Lake Placid cleanup efforts. A pair of hotels in California have a program where a tree is planted in honor of each guest that opts out of housekeeping.

How much importance do you place on choosing an environmentally friendly hotel when making travel plans? Would these programs sway your decision?

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